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Tuckaway Park

Tuckaway Park is a neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a median real estate cost of $852,137. This amount is higher than 97% percent of all other neighborhoods within the state and 91% of U.S. neighbrohoods.

Tuckaway Park is a peaceful and serene suburban neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this area, you will find the average rental price at $2,060, which makes it one of the most expensive neighborhoods compared to other areas across the state (higher than 90.4%) - however, there are still some great spots for affordable rentals.

The Tuckaway Park community is a great place to live if you're looking for spacious homes with plenty of space. The area has large (four, five, or more bedrooms) single-family houses as well as apartment complexes that offer high-rise living at your fingertips.

Many of the homes in the Tuckaway Park community were built between 1970 and 1999, while others date back to as far as between 1949 - 1969. This means they are older than many other residential properties around town, making them more desirable due to their history with family members who've lived there for generations before you even arrived.

The Tuckaway Park neighborhood in this city has a higher marriage rate than most other places. In fact, 72 percent of residents here are married - which is more than the national average and often seen as an indicator for good household stability.

The families of Tuckaway Park have a reputation for being wealthy and educated. The adults in this neighborhood are typically upper-level executives who own stately homes with high real estate appreciation rates, but if you're looking to live similar company, consider settling in this community.

About 78.9% of adults in Tuckaway Park have received at least a 4-year bachelor's degree, which is more than the average percentage for all U.S .neighborhoods (32%). This means this area has an educated population with higher levels of educational attainment compared to other areas across America - making them eligible candidates when it comes time to buy homes or make investments.

Also, The Tuckaway Park neighborhood is among the wealthiest in America, and even when compared to other neighborhoods around this country, like in Newell, North Carolina it stands out. Not only does its population have an incredible amount of wealth concentrated within them, but also because they're able to withstand tough economic times better than most groups do - making their situation all-around much more fortunate.


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