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Shuffletown / Sodyeco

Shuffletown is a quaint, suburban neighborhood located in the thriving city of Charlotte, NC. It's known for its picturesque homes and friendly residents who enjoy raising children or pets on small acreage lots with access to nearby schools that are ranked highly.

The Shuffletown / Sodyeco neighborhood's median real estate price is $234,572, which makes it more expensive than 60% of the neighborhoods in North Carolina and 44% nationwide. It is definitely richer than Newell, NC.

The Shuffletown / Sodyeco area has an average rental cost of $1,739 per month. This makes it more expensive than 80% of neighborhoods across North Carolina.

What's the deal with Shuffletown/Sodyeco real estate? Well, it has everything. There are mostly medium-sized homes to Large sized single-family houses and apartment complexes high rise apartments in this area.

Shuffletown / Sodyeco is a small, quiet community with mostly single-family homes. These houses range from cozy little manors to spacious colonial-style brick buildings that can accommodate up to five people. There are also some apartment complexes and high-rise apartments in this area if you're looking for something different than your traditional cookie-cutter building designs.

The residential real estate in Shuffletown / Sodyeco is largely owned by its residents. Many homes here were built between 1970 and 1999, but newer construction has begun to appear recently as well.

This is a great place to live if you're LGBT. Shuffletown has more same-sex couples than 95% of U.S neighborhoods, with over 1.6% of residents living with a same-sex partner.

Whether you want to find a home for your executive lifestyle or are an aspiring professional looking at other people's homes in this area - the Shuffletown/Sodyeco neighborhood should be on the list. It has spacious and well-built properties that afford residents wealth along with the stability of real estate values, also including many executives.

What's not to love about the Shuffletown / Sodyeco neighborhood? With an enviable mix of spacious homes and stable real estate values, this area is perfect for executives who want their space but also need convenience. You'll be living among other wealthy professionals—what more could you ask for?

This is the perfect and unique neighborhood for those who want to be near some of America's wealthiest citizens. The Shuffletown / Sodyeco area in Charlotte has an above-average income, making it one step closer to being qualified as "rich" spends his/her money on luxury goods and services.

Employees in the Shuffletown / Sodyeco neighborhood have a variety of jobs. 49% are employed as executives, managers, and professionals, while 21 percent work with sales accounts or serve food at fast-food restaurants - there's something for everyone. Other residents here hold down manufacturing positions (15%).

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