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In the Providence neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, you will find more expensive real estate than in most other parts of our state. The median price for this area is $586K which exceeds not only 94% of other N.C. neighborhoods but also 82% of U.S. neighborhoods. A fortune could be made if someone bought up all these properties.

Providence is a Charlotte neighborhood with an average rental price of $2,624. This makes it more expensive than 97% percent of neighborhoods across the state and also an expensive place if you’re looking into relocation.

In case you’re looking for an amazing community to call home with plenty of green space, then look no further than Providence. This suburban neighborhood is located in the city but still has that relaxed feel as if it were out on farmland instead.

The possibilities of homes in Providence are endless whether you’re looking for a three or four-bedroom house. From large extended families who want their own space and plenty of room to grow into adulthood with kids’ friends always around - they have something perfect.

Providence is a diverse neighborhood with many different types of homes. Many residents are owners, and their number has increased in recent years as well; they constitute about two-thirds or more there. The other third consists mainly apartments which can be found across the city, like in Newell, North Carolina but especially in this area where you’ll find quite some single-family houses for renters.

The Providence neighborhood is an interesting mix of old and new well-established homes. There are plenty of homes that date back to before 1970, but there’s also quite the contingent who’ve built their residence since 2000.

Wealthy and educated executives make up the majority of adults in this neighborhood. They own stately homes, which tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates; however, their busy careers keep them from living comfortably any longer than necessary at times like these, so if you’re looking for somewhere similar, try settling here.

The college-educated population in the Providence neighborhood is unique because 70% of the adults have received at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which makes it more educated than most other neighborhoods throughout America.

The people in this neighborhood are some of the wealthiest around, making it amongst America’s 15% highest-income areas. In this community, the odds are high that you’ll find at least one person with a great deal to say about their situation here.

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