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Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is a fantastic suburban neighborhood in Charlotte, NC area. This area has plenty to offer with its scenic views, wooded trails, and sidewalks lined by majestic trees that make it feel like you're truly escaping from reality for a while.

The Pine Ridge neighborhood median real estate price is $373,713, which is more expensive than 80.7% of neighborhoods in North Carolina and 64% nationwide.

The cost of renting in Pine Ridge is higher than 98.3% of neighborhoods across North Carolina, with an average rent price at $2,706 per month.

There's no better place to call home than Pine Ridge. From small, medium-sized houses with one or two bedrooms all the way up through large five-bedroom homes, you're sure to find what your heart desires.

The neighborhood has everything from townhomes that offer more space for less money if it suits family sizes well-to downtown lofts ready open on weekends near restaurants where people can work during their lunch break too.

Once it comes to residential real estate in Pine Ridge, the majority is owned by residents. Many homes here were built between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back even further before 2000. There's also a good number who've been created more recently- so you're not alone if this seems like your neighborhood too.

The Pine Ridge neighborhood is a rare gem in the world of real estate. There are few neighborhoods that can boast about having nearly 100% detached homes, which makes this area all that much more special.

The people who live here love their single-family dwelling mansions because they know full well how hard it was for previous generations before them - including mine--to own one or two stories tall with plenty of space around each house so kids could play outside without fear from traffic noise pollution (or other+)

Pine Ridge is a neighborhood of executives. It's located in an area that has been seeing an influx of wealthy people who want to live amongst other like-minded individuals while still being close enough for their jobs at headquarters or business functions requiring frequent travel time, just like the Newell, NC area.

The people in the Pine Ridge neighborhood are a high-earning bunch, making it an above-average income area. This part of town has higher earnings than 66% percent of neighborhoods across America.

The Pine Ridge neighborhood in this city is home to many different types of jobs. 41% percent are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations; 26% work in sales-related fields such as major accounts or fast food restaurants, while there are also those working in manufacturing (18%). And 13% can be found working within clerical/technical support roles - all relative numbers too.


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