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Pine Harbor

Pine Harbor is a quiet yet vibrant suburb of Charlotte. This community has some wonderful features that make it stand out among other suburban neighborhoods in the area - its large lots provide plenty of space for outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks! The homes here are also well-landscaped, which helps protect them against natural disasters like storms or hurricanes by creating natural windbreak walls along all four sides on each property.

The median home price in the Pine Harbor neighborhood is $550,071, which makes it more expensive than 94.9% of neighborhoods across North Carolina and 81.8 percent nationwide.

In the Pine Harbor neighborhood, you’ll find an average rental price of $2.392, which is higher (96.3%) than the median cost across all neighborhoods in North Carolina.

The Pine Harbor neighborhood’s real estate market is a perfect example of how to find your dream home. With options ranging from small single-family homes, large multi-family installs, and townhomes that can fit up to five people - there’s something here for everyone.

The Pine Harbor neighborhood is a popular and established area. Many homes in this part of town were built between 1970-1999, but there are also newer developments that have come up recently too.

This Pine Harbor neighborhood is home to some of the most well-off and educated adults in all of North Carolina, like in Newell, NC. They’re typically executives who own stately homes, which means they maintain high rates for real estate appreciation too. If you want your kids growing up around a similar company, then consider settling here today.

The Pine Harbor neighborhood is a great place to call home. This serene, peaceful community has the highest rate of owner-occupied housing in all U.S. neighborhoods. In case you’re looking for a property where your family will be able to enjoy privacy and stability, then look no further than this quaint little town that’s just waiting on its next resident or investor.

With a very higher proportion of individuals in the military than 96.9% of American neighborhoods, Pine Harbor is an interesting place to call home, with its active-duty population making this neighborhood uniquely diverse and vibrant.

With a higher income than 93.8% of neighborhoods in America, the Pine Harbor neighborhood is one that will likely interest you if your finances run on lavishness.

Additionally, The Pine Harbor neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, has a relatively high rate of employment for executive positions, with 60.5% working population employed within this occupation.


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