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Newell is a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood in Charlotte area. The area has many trees, and it's usually very peaceful here - unless you happen to run into one of those pesky natives who happens not to be too happy about visitors from outside their neck of woods.

The Newell neighborhood in North Carolina is a rare find with an average price of $389,203 for homes on the market - which makes it more expensive than 86% percent of other areas across North Carolina and 68% nationwide.

Newell is a great community to live in if you can afford the rent. The average cost of renting in this neighborhood ($1,810) exceeds 83% percent of other locales across North Carolina. This price range covers people with different needs and lifestyles who want to live near work yet enjoy some distance between themselves (and any pesky noisy neighbors).

The Newell neighborhood real estate is primarily made up of medium to large single-family homes. These could be three or five-bedroom houses, but they are usually located in suburban areas with good schools nearby for the kids that live there - which means you'll never have any trouble finding your next home.

The Newell neighborhood has a mix of owner-occupied homes and rental properties. The newer, 2000s+ built construction adds to the variety in this area as well, with many single-family houses dotting each block throughout its length from north to south.

The neighborhood of Newell is one where homes built from 2000 through today make up the higher proportion of all real estate. When you drive around this area, not only will you notice how new everything looks with paint colors and landscaping scattered nearly everywhere; there's also an incredible smell in every air vent that comes from fresh construction materials being worked on constantly by builders eager to build as many houses before they're gone forever.

The Newell neighborhood is considered among the best places in North Carolina for executive lifestyles. Ranks it as better than 91% percent areas across this state, based on its high-ranking residents who are wealthy professionals and managers with college degrees - an educated bunch that prefers large homes which feature spaciousness prominently (and appreciates them even more).

The neighbors in Newell are middle class, making it an average-income neighborhood. This area has a greater concentration of well-heeled residents than 70% percent of the places across America.

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