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Will my surface be shiny?

All clients have the alternative of matte, semi-shine and reflexive sealants. The surface appearance is up to the client's taste and the surface where it is applied. A conversation on the sparkle and life span of every sealant is significant before beginning your venture. The amount of sparkle and gloss will change upon lighting, surface, shading and absorption rate.

Will my floor be slippery?

We have many different finish choices available. We can make your floor slippery or gritty, or somewhere in between. You can let us know exactly what you want.

What will the finished product look like?

Great question! We hope it looks exactly as you envisioned it. That is what we aim for, so please let us know exactly what you want during our initial consultation. We have standard designs and photos of past work for you to look at.

We can also imitate popular looks, such as slate, cobblestone, flagstone, Mexican tile, marble and acid stain.

How is my floor prepared for installation?

We assess the current situation and come with all tools necessary to prepare the surface for new concrete. If you are having existing concrete polished, we assess the surface to know exactly what tools we need. Often chemicals, acid, and grinders are used to prepare the surface.

How often does my floor need to be resealed?

Every situation is unique, but we recommend re-sealing every 2-4 years. If your surface has been exposed to sunlight, extensive cleaning, rain, and heavy traffic, it may need to be sealed on the sooner end, rather than later. When your surface starts looking dull or worn it is usually time. If the surface becomes difficult to clean or water penetrates the sealant, it is probably time to get your floors re-sealed.

How will my floor handle spills and stains?

Every concrete application is completed with a seal coat on top. Our top coat provides a non porous surface which ultimately prevents discoloration and extreme feeding due to sunlight. Most stains can easily be washed off. Any stains that seems to linger can usually be washed with household soap and a scrub brush. If a spill happens you should clean the surface immediately.

Any stain left uncleaned for a long time may discolor the floor. Plants in planters should be elevated slightly and a water pan should be put underneath. Highly corrosive materials can potentially damage sealcoat requiring ceiling more often.

How long do I have to stay off the new surface?

You can walk on a freshly sealed surface within 24 hours, but do not place any furniture or boxes for at least 3 days. Heavy furniture, appliances and vehicles should only return after 5 full days.

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