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For over a decade, Stamped Concrete Charlotte has been installing stunning and hard-wearing concrete patios in Charlotte, NC. We have a team of experienced and equipped builders who can design and construct your beautiful patio, giving your home a new definition. Picture yourself and your family and friends sitting at your patio around the fire pit. There’s always something magical about spending time with your loved ones outdoors as the fire crackles, especially during those cold summer nights. Here at Stamped Concrete Charlotte, we have the equipment, skills, and experience necessary to help turn that dream into a reality.

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Why Choose Concrete For My Patio?

Stunning Stamped Concrete Patios Charlotte, NC Homeowners Prefer

There are many great reasons why a lot of homeowners in Charlotte prefer stained and stamped concrete patios. For one, they are a fantastic way of boosting the value of any home. At the same time, they offer the perfect spot for relaxation in any backyard. With a concrete patio, you can make your property remarkably inviting.

These days, it is not uncommon to find various concrete patio styles and designs. It is easy to find a layout that will suit nearly any landscape. As experts in the field, Stamped Concrete Charlotte promises to build a concrete patio that will suit your personal preferences and lifestyle. You can rest easy knowing that we will yield fantastic results. With only your imagination as the limitation, your backyard will be among the concrete patios Charlotte NC residents will envy. 

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Various Concrete Patio Options to Choose From

When it comes to concrete patios Charlotte, NC homeowners have many options available at their disposal. You can even choose to have a concrete fire pit with a surrounding lounge. You’re not limited to a round-shaped campfire! You have the freedom to select other options like a square or rectangular design. We will ensure that we’ll plan and build it to withstand the elements. So, you can be confident that it will look its best for a long time.

Adding a concrete patio to your pool deck is something that genuinely adds some charm to your home. It will create some drama and visual dimensions that will make the place look inviting and relaxing. When you work with Stamped Concrete Charlotte, you can enhance the appeal and functionality of your property’s landscape. We will build a concrete patio that you can truly call your own.

terracotta stamped concrete patio

Different Concrete Finishes

Here at Stamped Concrete, it is our goal to give our clients the best value for their money. So, we offer them various finish options for their concrete patios, allowing them to select the style that will suit their preferences. Choose from the following concrete finishes:

What Are My Choices of Decorative Concrete For My Patio?

When you want to mimic the texture of natural stone with incredible realism, stamped concrete is the ideal choice for you. You can choose from a wide range of patterns, including slate, granite, stone, brick, and even timber. It is also worth noting that stamped concrete is available in a myriad of colors. It is almost impossible to tell it apart from the real thing. What’s more, stamped concrete costs only a fraction of the cost of conventional material while providing superior durability.

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Stained Concrete Patios

Our stain systems can deeply penetrate the concrete, creating incredible, mottled color tones on the surface of the material. You can use this on both old and new concrete. The unlimited design capabilities of stained concrete can transform any patio into a dramatic and stunning area.

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Polished Concrete Patios

If you’re after a luxurious patio, you can opt for a polished concrete finish. It offers a smooth and high luster look that will last for decades. Polished concrete is so visually appealing that it instantly attracts silent adulation from any person who lays eyes on it. Here at Stamped Concrete Charlotte, we use an efficient curing process to ensure that the surface will be robust and hard. Polished concrete can resist rubber marks, and it does not peel, lift, or flake.

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Choose the Experts and Own One of the Best Concrete Patios Charlotte NC Has to Offer

When you hire Stamped Concrete Charlotte, you get more than just a wide range of concrete services. You get to work with the true experts in the field. We have the experience and skills necessary to get the project completed the first time successfully. We can bring your vision to life and even exceed your expectations. 

Expect to work with highly trained and equipped technicians and crew members. What’s more, we will provide you with the most competitive rates in the industry.

If you want to have a stunning and hard-wearing concrete patio, contact the experts at Stamped Concrete Charlotte now!

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“Amazing experience with this crew. Our concrete patio looks amazing in our yard. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Conner Paulo

Art Director, Charlotte

“My wife made a great decision going with these guys for our patio. It is a beautiful design and we love entertaining now!”

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