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Highly Durable Concrete Garage Flooring in Charlotte NC

Whether you need to resurface the concrete floor of an existing garage or you need to install a new one, Stamped Concrete Charlotte is here to help. We have a team of skilled and fully trained concrete professionals who can get the job done right the first time. Aside from that, we only use premium-grade materials and tested methods to ensure that you’ll have a durable and long-lasting concrete garage floor.

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Your Trusted Concrete Garage Floor Contractors

As a local concrete company, we promise to provide top-notch garage floors to residential and commercial customers in Charlotte. Whether you want a stamped, exposed aggregate, or smooth finish floor to park your vehicle, you can trust us to achieve the look you want. Aside from being functional, you must ensure that your garage floor will look pleasing and beautiful. Here at Stamped Concrete Charlotte, we offer various concrete finishes that will suit your preferences and the overall style of your home. Here are some of the concrete garage flooring finishes to choose from:

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Smooth or Polished Finish

A lot of homeowners prefer a smooth or highly polished garage floor surface. Well, you can trust us to design and construct a system that is more durable and cost-effective than the common alternatives to a concrete garage floor. Our team can replace your existing bricked or blacktop floor, then pour a new layer of structural concrete. This process allows us to create a durable and smooth finished floor for your garage. Now, if you plan to extend the space in the future, we can still pour your preferred concrete foundation style. You can expect it to stay in shape for many years to come.

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Broom Finish

If you want a textured and slightly rough surface for your garage floor, we recommend that you choose a broom finish. At the right stage of concrete setting, we will use brooms to create a coarse, patterned surface for the floor. Once we’re done with the job, you will have a slip-resistant concrete garage floor.

exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

If you want a colorful and highly textured garage floor, you should opt for an exposed aggregate finish. It is a decorative concrete option that contains little pieces of natural stone from river beds. Our team mixes the aggregates into a concrete base, then washes away a thin layer of the binding cement. What’s great about this garage floor finish option is that it is cost-effective yet quite durable. Available in a wide range of textures and colors, exposed aggregates won’t fade as quickly as common alternatives to concrete garage floor systems.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Garage Flooring Systems?

It is true that you’ll need to shell out money for the new concrete garage floor cost. However, once you learn about its long-term benefits, you will understand that you’re making a valuable investment for your home. Here are some of the advantages of concrete garage flooring systems:


Easy to Maintain

It is relatively easy to keep a concrete garage floor looking good. Depending on the level of traffic, you only need to seal or wax the surface every three to nine months. Doing so will maintain the integrity of the protective layer. From time to time, you’ll only need a neutral cleaning product to mop the floors.

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Compared to other garage flooring materials, concrete is the most cost-effective option. One of the reasons why more homeowners and business owners prefer this is because it is quite affordable. So, if you want a durable flooring solution for your garage yet you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, opt for concrete.

decorative stamped concrete garage

Various Design Options

You don’t have to settle for a boring, gray concrete floor. These days, there are plenty of design options you can use for your garage. As we’ve mentioned, you can choose from various finishes for the surface. If you want, you can a broom, exposed aggregate, or polished concrete garage floor. On the other hand, you can also let us stamp and stain the surface according to your preferred design.

wood look concrete

Resistant to Fire, Stains and Bacteria

In case you spill liquid on the surface of your concrete garage floor, all you have to do is wipe it clean. As long as you remove the spills immediately, you won’t have to deal with stains on the surface. Another great thing about concrete is it is resistant to fires. In a way, it will function as a buffer that will prevent the fire from spreading in your property. What’s more, the surface does not harbor bacteria growth. So, it is quite hygienic.

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Concrete is a solid material which allows floors to withstand heavy pressures. Your floor will endure the weight of your cars or even industrial vehicles like forklifts and trucks. Falling materials won’t cause significant damage on your floors. Because of the toughness and resilience of concrete garage floors, they become durable and long-lasting. Whether you’re using concrete for a residential, commercial, or industrial garage, you can expect the material to stay robust despite the daily abuse.

Our Point of Difference

While ‘plain-old-gray’ is a popular option for garage floors, you don’t necessarily have to settle for it. Here in Charlotte, we can use the latest concrete technologies and treatments to significantly transform the look of your flooring system. We always give our clients plenty of options to customize their garage floors. After all, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

When you choose us as your concrete contractors, you can expect professional services from initial discussions down to the finishing touches. We believe that open communication, transparency, and honesty are essential in building solid relationships with our customers. As such, we will won’t sugarcoat anything or surprise you with hidden charges. We will give you an accurate timeline on when we will complete the concrete garage floor project. Moreover, we will provide you with a detailed quotation. Once you take a look at our estimate, you will discover that our rates are reasonably justified.So, if you are ready to have a stunning and long-lasting concrete garage floor, contact our experienced cement contractors today!

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