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Situated in the town of Charlotte, Allen is a quiet suburban neighborhood. The area has plenty to offer with its tree-lined streets and well-kept lawns that are usually spotted by parked cars sporting garages or SUVs alike, proving this place isn't just about style but also substance.

The Allen neighborhood's median real estate price is $310,923, which makes it more expensive than 76.7% of the neighborhoods in North Carolina and 58% nationwide. This could be due to a few factors like location or size, but one thing that may contribute might just have been how close they were located when considering other nearby areas with lower values around them as well.

With an average rental price of $2,210 per month in the Allen neighborhood, you are paying more than 93.6% of all neighborhoods across North Carolina.

Allen is a community where you can find everything from single-family homes to apartment complexes. There are even some high-rise buildings that have been constructed in this area, just like in Newell.

The Allen neighborhood is a great example of how home values have increased over time. Many homes in this area were built between 1970 and 1999, with some dating as far back as World War II or before. There's also newer construction happening now, too-- many people are buying these up-and-coming neighborhoods because they want easy access to downtown without having their property taxes skyrocket every year due to an increasingly expensive housing market. The residential real estate here mostly falls into one category: owner-occupied single-family houses that average around 2 bedrooms per household (which makes sense given its proximity).

As an executive, you need to be in a good place. This North Carolina neighborhood is considered one of the best for living your life with ease and comfort. There are many amazing amenities that make this area great-from spacious homes full of features like libraries or gyms on every block; top-notch schools within walking distance where kids can learn without transporters getting them ready for kindergarten too soon (or ever); professionals who know how important it is always being busy but still managing time wisely.

This is a great and amazing neighborhood for those who want to be near some of the best schools in Charlotte. The neighbors here have an above-average income, making it one step closer that you're doing well enough not only financially but also socially and physically when it comes down to your day-to keep up appearances.


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